Sunday, 2 July 2017

Mountain life

we have moved from Sydney to the Blue Mountains.  The sad day has come and gone for us to say "goodbye" to our beloved Chloe.  The two occasions fell within days of each other and the joy of moving was dulled by loss.   We have not tried to replace her, Charlie was bereft but seems resigned to living with the much younger and exuberant Tula.  They both love mountain walks rather than city strolls.   All in all a good life but there is a small Chloe shaped hole in our day to day life.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Road Trip and a ferry

Went on a road trip for a few weeks with the Teen who now is 18 and officially a young adult, still my baby though. We drove down on the inland highway to Port Campbell and then along the Great Ocean Road, brilliant scenery, and finally up the coast road to Sydney. We saw so much in few short weeks. There were emus, echidnas, a healthy fox, baby rabbit and even a pet goat encounter on a walk, but no kangaroos and that is what the Teen wanted to see.

There are some lovely beaches near Bateman's Bay and they are surrounded by bush. Many years ago I had actually stroked a wild kangaroo near one of these beaches so we took a detour and there they were, well the ancestors I suppose. Magic. They wouldn't let us touch but were a joy to watch.

We even managed some Christmas shopping on our travels. There were some wonderful craft and food shops in small country towns. Bliss.

By the way the ferry is from Queenscliff, Victoria across to Sorrento. With the car stowed below we sat on deck and watched for dolphin and sailed past 3 lazy seals floating in the bay. This was all for the small sum of $69, a bargain, there was even a cafe on board. The journey only takes 40 minutes across the Heads. I wished that some of the fur family were with us because dogs are provided for on the ferry as long as they are on their leads.

Okay not glamorous but practical.

And now we are home and there are things to do. Everyone else on blogs, Tumblr etc., seems to be on
track and now so must we. I rather like the tree we saw in Geelong, on the Bay, one evening. ours will be a little smaller :)

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The dreaded lurgy - again

Some weeks ago we all had a flu like virus that involved visits to the doctor and several courses of antibiotics. Well it is back and yesterday, feeling most unwell, went to the front door to be met by my beautiful Mum with her arms full of spring like flowers and Vitamin C tablets. She wasn't brave enough to come inside and risk infection but I have to say it was a lovely feeling being cared about! So thank you Mum!

I am chewing the tablets but a little self medication could have taken place last night;)

Slept well, feeling a little better and now the teen is home feeling dreadful and hubby, not to be outdone, tells me that he is not well either. So back to the lurgy in the house.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cushion craft

So I had a heart shaped cushion insert and a couple of hours to relax with a needle and thread and this is the result

The small pocket cushion is lavender filled,  very relaxing. It was also very easy to make. I know that I am not talented at sewing but I still enjoy having a go. I needed to make more nicks along the curved seam but got impatient and it has grown on me, the knitted cushion was made by my talented Mum - thanks Mum - she is a wonder woman with knitting needles.

Cute house button.

So a couple of hours and my old cane chair looks far more homely to me.