Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Haircut, knitting & flowers

Tula had a haircut, her first. She came home slightly traumatised but beautiful, "beauty is pain", poor pup.



We have removed the bows - left her some dignity poor mite. She is now like a warm, fuzzy peach to the touch and no longer a walking duster!

The teen signed up for knitting squares to then be taken back to school and sewn into blankets. They are then sent wherever they are most needed. However this is the final year of school and school work takes precedence so I am knitting squares. I love it, am addicted even but I am not a knitter and I feel sorry for the person receiving my blanket contribution. I am trying honestly:(

At least they are pretty colours, the wool sent home from school is an unattractive yellow, scratchy wool.

The weekend is coming and it is supposed to be hot again. I was enjoying the cooler weather.

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