Monday, 18 March 2013


Do you like our rhubarb forcer? I love the terracotta bell shapes, with lids but haven't been able to source one here so this is a D.I.Y. Teen made this magnificent physique in art class some years ago but didn't want to keep it. Well I have now found the perfect spot. Will it work though - I have no idea, any clues on growing rhubarb would be very appreciated as I have not had any luck so far.
Truth time now, I only want to grow it because I love rhubarb crumble :)


  1. Hi Denise... Think the trick is to completely block out all the light so the stems grow up and straight with very little leaf. Love the 'forcer' - an original!
    Lovely blog - your dogs are too cute for words - love them! S x

    1. Thank you Sarah. Well hopefully the 6 pack will block most of the light:) regarding the dogs which one would you like? They have been little pests today!I love your blog because I live in and enjoy Sydney but my heart is always pulled to Surrey where I grew up and have family. Enjoy Spring x

    2. Ahhh just seen that you replied to my comment - sorry for the late response. Glad you like my English blog but I am coming back to Australia soon... Melbourne in July.. S x