Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Beach and Good Life

Today we took the Teen, and two of her pals,  to Fox Studios to catch the bus to the Good Life Concert. It was packed, apart from the normal studio events there is a tattoo exhibition and is the official drop point for Good Life.
After a stressful drive in with Husband wincing at the decibel level of the music we arrived and left them to it after the normal list of warnings. This event is for under 18 and seems well run, plenty of security etc. It was held in Melbourne last year and yes I did take the Teen and friend down overnight so that they could attend  and gaze at Skrillex, apparently it was a highlight! Yep I am showing my age I have forgotten how exciting it can be to be almost in touching distance of someone famous, no not really I definitely felt a flutter at the last Chris Isaak concert I went to with a friend!

So we were in Randwick where to go next - well Manly of course. It is our go to place when we want to just chill. So battling Sydney Sunday traffic we crossed the Spit bridge and finally arrived to total calm.

We sat with our books and unwound, even that was too much like hard work so I lay back and looked up through fronds of Norfolk Pine.

A slice of Heaven indeed.

And the best bit of today - another parent is collecting and returning the girls, thank you.

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